Term Dates



Term dates

We endeavour to match school term times as much as possible, but they can vary between schools. Generally we try to keep in time with the private schools of Bristol.

There are four terms made up of nine weeks of lessons each year:

Summer Term 2018

Monday 7th May to Sunday 27th May

Half Term holiday Monday 28th May to Sunday 3rd June

Monday 4th June to Sunday 15th July

Parents’ watching week Monday 9th July to Sunday 15th July

Autumn Term 2018

Monday 3rd September to Sunday 11th November

Half Term holiday Monday 29th October to Sunday 4th November

Monday 5th November to Sunday 11th November

Winter Term 2018-2019

Monday 12th November to Sunday 16th December

Parents’ watching week Monday 10th December to Sunday 16th December

Christmas/New Year break Monday 17th December to Sunday 6th January

Monday 7th January to Sunday 9th February

Spring Term 2019

Monday 10th February to Sunday 16th February

Half Term holiday Monday 17th February to Sunday 23rd February

Monday 24th February to Sunday 7th April

Parents’ watching week Monday 1st April to Sunday 7th April

Easter break Monday 8th April to Sunday 28th April

Monday 29th April to Sunday 5th May

Summer Term 2019

Monday 6th May to Sunday 26th May

Half Term holiday Monday 27th May to Sunday 2nd June

Monday 3rd June to Sunday 14th July

Parents’ watching week Monday 8th July to Sunday 14th July

"Even after many years of training, I still notice huge improvements each term as I continue to learn"Hannah Royce-Greensill – January 2018